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Programs Offered

At Desert Sky Montessori, we have two classrooms:

Toddler/ Transition Classroom

18 months through 3 years old

Primary Classroom

3 to 6 years old

The child’s social and psychological needs are considered as important as the child’s academic needs.

Among other factors, we consider:

  • The ratio of boys to girls

  • The balance of ages

  • The specific needs of each child

  • The child’s position in her family, i.e. only child, youngest child, oldest child, etc.

Classroom Objectives

  • To develop a respectful, responsive and reciprocal care-giving relationship with each child placed in our care.

  • To provide a calm and peaceful atmosphere that allows for consistent and predictable routines of care to be established and maintained in a safe and nurturing way.

  • To provide a prepared environment that allows each child freedom to move and to explore, freedom to interact with others and objects, and to have time for uninterrupted individual play.

  • To provide an environment that is appropriate and challenging.

  • To provide a setting that allows the child to develop as an active participant in his or her care, rather than a passive recipient.

  • To observe and evaluate the development of each child and support parents and families to be part of this growth and development.

Academics: Academics
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