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At Desert Sky Montessori, we have two classrooms: the Primary classroom and the Toddler/ Transition classroom. The child’s social and psychological needs are considered as important as the child’s academic needs. Among other factors, we consider:

  • The ratio of boys to girls

  • The balance of ages

  • The specific needs of each child

  • The child’s position in her family, i.e. only child, youngest child, oldest child, etc.

Classroom Objectives

  1. To develop a respectful, responsive and reciprocal care-giving relationship with each child placed in our care.

  2. To provide a calm and peaceful atmosphere that allows for consistent and predictable routines of care to be established and maintained in a safe and nurturing way.

  3. To provide a prepared environment that allows each child freedom to move and to explore, freedom to interact with others and objects, and to have time for uninterrupted individual play.

  4. To provide an environment that is appropriate and challenging.

  5. To provide a setting that allows the child to develop as an active participant in his or her care, rather than a passive recipient.

  6. To observe and evaluate the development of each child and support parents and families to be part of this growth and development.

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